Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Randall Family Christmas 2009

Saturday we celebrated Christmas with my daddy's side of the family. We had dinner, the kids opened presents, Memommie opened presents, then the other adults played Dirty Santa! We had fun!
Memommie opening presents. We got her a Picture Collage Coffee Mug with pictures of Gavin, Kami and Luke on it. It turned out really cute.
Gavin, blowing on the grunt call. We have lots of hunters in our family. And aparently one really bad slobberer :)
Gavin stole Kami's tea cups
Kami again. Don't you love her tights!
All the teenagers in our family.
Jaclyn and I
And the Christmas version of the Rainbow Cake I posted a few days ago. I only did 4 layers because the 6 layer rainbow cake got squished in my carrier.
Stay tuned to see pictures of Gavin, Kami and Luke's early Christmas arrival!

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Heather said...

Any cake that has buttercream icing instead of fondant is a success is my books! Looks like it was enjoyed by many!