Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Get a Picture of 3 Toddlers...

For Valentine's Day, I got the kids some new pajamas. Gavin was excited, he said "Yay! Damas!" (jamas.) So, I wanted to take a picture of all three of them together in their new pj's (Luke, in Mickey Mouse, Gavin, in Lighten McQueen, Kami, in Dora.)

In response of how to get a picture of 3 toddlers...the answer is you don't! While Gavin was being very cooperative (surprisingly), Kami and Luke were being everything but cooperative!
So, I snapped a few good pictures of Gavin, while he was in a picture taking mood!


debi9kids said...

LOL! Cracking up at Luke. Reminds me of Will :) ON THE GO< GO< GO

Rachel said...

I have one child and I can't get good pictures most days. I can't imagine trying to get 3 toddlers to sit still for a picture. You have my admiration for trying. :)

justacomment said...

Hi Leah..popping over for the MWOP blog. Your kids are darling!! I am truly shocked at the UGLY comment that a Mck follower left over here.

The lady that posted right after me compared her to Madonna...well they do rhyme! But MckMama herself isn't shockingly bold its the nasty followers...oh well LOL.

I grew up in Lafayette and would pass through Denham Springs every summer on the way to Florida.

Have a great day!