Monday, March 8, 2010

This Week

I finally got Kami and Luke back yesterday after what seemed like forever! They were at MiMi's house while Gavin was recovering from his tonsillectomy. Luke didn't want to come home, he would have rather went back to MiMi's house. Gavin wanted to go to MiMi's too. Kami, however was very excited to see her Daddy. Now, for this week, we will be semi-busy. Today after nap time. we are going to run some errands and get a few groceries. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, Kami and Luke have their 18 month (yes! 18 months!) well baby* check up. This means shots. Boo! Then Wednesday, I think we'll have the day off to relax and pack up for the weekend. Thursday, Gavin has a post op follow up with Dr. Hall regarding the tonsillectomy. Then we will be leaving to head to Jena, where the kids will spend the weekend, while I come back home and host a bridal shower for my sister-in-law. (You guys know her as Aunt Kristy.) Then Sunday, I'll be meeting my mom half way to pick up the munchkins!

*Yes, they are still babies! They aren't officially toddlers for 6 more months! ;)

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