Friday, March 5, 2010

Surgery Update

Gavin's tonsillectomy went smoothly. It only took them 10 minutes! He was really cranky in recovery, so they gave him some fentanyl and he went right back to sleep for about 20 minutes, and woke up a little better. They moved him up to a room and he was still fussy. He drank some water and blue powerade and went to sleep for an hour or two. He woke up hungry, and we got him some oatmeal. He went back to sleep for 3 or so hours and woke up hungry again! This time it was hard to find something he would eat. He was hurting so bad. He was supposed to be on a "soft diet" but they sent him chicken tenders for lunch! He choked down half of a chicken tender and then stoped because it hurt so bad. We finally found him some chocolate milk and he was very grateful. He drank alot of it. His nurse was AWESOME. When he wouldn't eat anything, she found him a peanut butter and jelly crustable and he ate half of it. After they changed his pain medicine from tylenol with codeine to lortab, he was able to eat better. The doctor told us he could eat whatver he wanted, and if it hurt him, he wouldn't eat it. He wanted cheetos, so I got him cheetos. He ate half of the bag and went back to sleep for the night. We left the hospital at 6:30 this morning and all took a good 2 hour nap! He's doing much better today. He starts complaining when his pain meds are wearing off, but he is going longer and longer between times he needs it. He only got 2 doses today. He should be feeling back to his good ole' self soon!


s'me said...

*hug* Keep on getting better Gavin lad.

Erin said...

glad surgery went well! get better soon gavin!