Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long Time No Post!

I've been a lazy blogger. Well, I guess I haven't been a blogger at all! January was my last post? Really? I Facebook a lot, but I do miss blogging. Let's see if I can sum up the last 9 months with for you! Gavin is four now and Kami and Luke are three! Doesn't seem possible! We went on our first family vacation in May, to Orlando. The kids loved Disney World! I really hope to go back sometime in the near future! We had so much fun. Chad is still working in Illinois and we are still staying in Louisiana. It's tough, but we're making it. We are actually going to see him this weekend and the kids couldn't be more excited!

Like I said above, Gavin is four now. He completed his first full year of IVIG infusions in June. He's had a nice little break since then. They recently had bloodwork done to check his antibody level, they were hoping his body would start making them on it's own. They didn't. But, instead of resuming IVIG infusions in a hospital setting, Gavin will start getting SCIG (subcutaneous immunoglobulin) at home weekly. Guess who the lucky candidate is to give him those infusions? That's right. Me. I'll have a home health nurse come to our house the first two weeks, but then I'll be on my own. Guess what else? He's in preschool now! He started this fall and he loves it! He also rides the bus and that is his favorite part of going to school, lol. While he's there, he receives speech therapy and he has made a ton of new friends. So, Monday through Friday it's just me, Kami and Luke. They miss their brother though. Luke still cries sometimes for Gavin to come back home. Their new favorite activity (all three of them) is coloring. They have so many Color Wonder books and markers and will sit and color all day!

Kami and Luke have entered the picky eater phase of toddlerdom and it's driving me crazy! Gavin is finally out of it and will try just about anything. Luke loves potatoes anyway you cook them. His favorites are baked potatoes (with butter and cheese) and french fries. Kami loves macaroni and cheese and would eat it for every meal if I'd let her! They both love grilled cheese sandwiches. That's where they differ from Gavin. He doesn't really like cheese, unless it's Italian cheses. He likes cheese on pizza, but that's about it.

Gavin likes to have things to look forward to. Today, he's happy his Aunt Sheila (Chad's aunt) will be coming to visit him when she gets off work. He's pretty good about getting her to come visit him two or three times a week! Tomorrow he's excited to go see his daddy! However, I'm not sure he remembers that nine hour drive! I sure hope they take naps! The next "big" thing he is looking forward to is Halloween. We've already bought all of their costumes. Gavin has been planning Halloween 2011 since Halloween 2010! He loved it last year. He is going to be Batman. Batman is his favorite character right now. He had a Batman birthday party and loves all of his little Batman toys! Luke is going to be Woody....again! He still loves his Toy Story stuff! Woody is definitely his favorite, but he loves all of the Toy Story characters. I joke all the time that we should have named him Andy! Kami will be Cinderella. She's the most indecisive of the three. She couldn't decide between Cinderella, a butterfly, a flower or Tinkerbell! Finally, when I made her choose, she picked Cinderella! She does love her princesses! She's so prissy and girly! She always has to have a bow on (which I don't mind!) and she always wants to wear something that sparkles! (Thankfully, The Children's Place has plenty of sprakly screened tees at affordable prices!)

I think that's it for now! Hopefully, I'll be able to continue blogging and get out of that major blogging rut I've been in for over a year now!


debi9kids said...

good to see you back, my friend.

I had NO idea you lived apart from your husband. (something else we have in common.) It's hard. Isn't it?

So glad to get such a full update on your kiddies. I only get so many details on FB ;)

Erin said...

glad to see you are back to blogging! i still have you in my reader and love commenting :)