Monday, February 18, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Good News? Chad is home from New Mexico. He got here Friday afternoon after a long long drive.
Bad News? He's headed to South Texas this weekend for 4-6 weeks. Atleast we'll be able to visit on the weekends and Gavin's school holidays. South Texas isn't nearly as far as New Mexico!

We're making the best of his time home. Saturday we went to his sister's 29th birthday party and Sunday we boiled crawfish with some good friends! Yummmm......Chad makes some of the best boiled crawfish I've ever eaten, so it's just not "Crawfish Season" until he boils a pot (or two!)

Unfortunately, on his drive home, his truck broke down his way home and it's at the Dodge dealership in Alexandria, LA getting diagnosed and hopefully fixed really soon! Thankfully, he wasn't too far from home and his dad was able to go get him! 

We have other things planned for the week while he is home as well. We'll for sure take the kids to eat at Hooter's (yes, Hooter's!) because Luke has been dying to go there and swears his daddy will take him! lol Friday is Gavin's class field trip, and Chad and I will get to attend! It will be Chad's first field trip with Gavin and Gavin will be so happy he gets to go!

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