Monday, December 28, 2009

A Fun Surprise!

Christmas Eve we go to Paw Paw Randy's house (Chad's daddy) for breakfast and gift exchange. I forgot my camera this year, and I asked Aunt Sheila to get me copies of her pictures. I totally forgot I asked for her to do this, and she brought them over today! What a nice surprise! So, I scanned them for your viewing pleasure!
Kami and I...I have such a beautiful little girl, if I do say so myself!
Kami, me and sweet babies!
I love this picture of Luke! He absolutely loved his Elmo guitar Aunt Sheila got for him!
Gavin get your gun!
The best attempt at Family Portrait gone wrong! Gavin had some gloves on that he refused to take off!
All of Paw Paw Randy's Grandchildren!
L to R: Luke, Payton, Gavin, Baylee, and Kami
Luke gives Paw Paw Randy kisses!
Gavin (still with his gloves) and Aunt Sheila
Aunt Kristy got Gavin a bike for Christmas! Here he is testing it out for the first time!

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