Monday, December 28, 2009

A Sick Christmas

Well, we had a hectic Christmas getaway. Luke started running a fever on Christmas Eve. It was not high and he wasn't really affected by it, but he was a little extra clingy. By Christmas Day he was feeling terrible. He hardly played with any Santa toys and only wanted to sit on MiMi's lap. By this time, Kami was feeling about like Luke felt the day before. Feverish, but still a little energy. On the 26th (pop's birthday) Gavin and I went shopping with Aunt Onnie and my friend Katie (or Kay Kay as Gavin calls her). We got some great deals! And when I got back, Luke was feeling AWFUL. He wouldn't eat, and would cry when anyone would talk to him. He only wanted to sit on my lap and rock. I think he ate about 5 bites of mashed potatos that day, and that's it. Kami was still eating, but she felt pretty bad too. The next morning (the 27th) Kami woke up with a 106.7 temperature and Luke had a 104.4 temp. Kami went straight to the emergency room. She felt bad. She didn't want anyone messing with her, talking to her, or even looking at her. She would cry. She just wanted to lay on me and sleep. They ran several tests (RSV, Flu, H1N1, Strep, bloodwork, and chest x-ray) and everything looked fine. It was concluded that she had a virus, and this is most likely the same thing Luke has/had. As the day went on, the fevers stayed down, Luke began eating some more and Kami not really. She at about 2 chicken nuggets and 4 cheetos in total yesterday. I held out on giving them milk, even though their temps had been down and put them to bed with pedialyte. They woke up much better today! Both of them ate a good breakfast and they are currently eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Hopefully this means that we are OVER it and Gavin doesn't catch it!

**I forgot my camera in Jena. My mom is coming on Thursday to watch Kami and Luke New Year's Eve night, so we can take Gavin to his PawPaw Randy's to do fireworks, and she will bring it to me! So pictures will have to be postponed! Sorry!

**Coming up: Kami and Luke's 15 month Well Baby Check Up!

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