Monday, January 4, 2010

Santa Visited the Irish Triplets!

Christmas morning we woke up to lots of fun stuff that the Big Guy left for the kids! Gavin was excited to say the least! He immediately spotted his jeep and climbed in.
Kami and Luke got Power Wheels Lil' Quads. Kami's is Princess, Luke's is Mickey Mouse.
Luke wasn't feeling to spiffy this day. He sat in MiMi's lap the whole time with a maraca in one hand and keys in the other.
Kami got a Wal-Mart buggy. She loves it, whenever Gavin will let her play with it. He's convinced it's his. She also got several baby dolls that she LOVES so much!
Gavin and his Handy Manny power tool. He doesn't look TOOO happy does he? ;)
Luke still in MiMi's lap.
Kami and Luke in the rocking chair together!
Gavin never looks at the camera.
Kami is a busy little girl. She is never still. LOL
Driving his jeep!
I think Santa got the seal of approval! Gavin's favorite was obviously the jeep. He also got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Tent that was a big hit! Luke's favorite is by far Elmo Live Encore! He loves him! Kami's favorite didn't come from Santa at all! LOL She got a baby doll stroller from MiMi that she loves! They haven't got to get on their 4-wheelers because it has been wet and nasty outside and they don't wear shoes. They refuse to walk in shoes, so they don't get to play outside much.


Christy (CPJ) said...

SOOO stinkin' cute. I could just eat them up! Poor Luke looks pitiful.

Jessica Kate said...

Hi. I read your comment on my blog. We are driving through B R on this rainy day and I'm waving to you. Can you see me? I'm the lady in the "kids get cancer too" RV, with the beignet hangover. :)
Jessica Kate
tuesday's mama

Erin said...

so sad lukie didnt feel good but looks like they had a fantastic christmas!