Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

New Year's Eve we went to Paw Paw Randy's House (Chad's daddy) to do fireworks and ring in the new year! MiMi (my mom) came to stay with Kami and Luke because they are NOT night owls! They go to bed at 7 pm and if they are up later than 8pm they are super grumpy! So, Gavin and I went over there and to his surprise, he had one more Christmas present! (He was all about his hat and shades this night.) He was very excited to open his present and luckily it was a cute little wind suit!
I say 'luckily' because not 15 minutes later, this happened.
Atleast he didn't get his hat dirty!
At about 9 pm he wanted to go home. Yes, he said, "Mommy. Home." So, Andrea and I (my car was blocked in) took him back to MiMi.
Kristy and I
Andrea and I