Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Explanation??

On Monday, I took Gavin to the Allergist/Immunologist. We went to see him from an Allergist standpoint, because of his chronic cough/runny nose. I fill out all the necessary paper work for a new patient (which is ALOT) and then start answering questions. Most people look at me like I'm crazy when I have to tell them Gavin's medical history, because it's just so complicated. As I detailed Gavin's medical history to Dr. McCormick, he started asking me questions like "Are you worried at all about his immune system?" "Does he have any unexplained infections?" He then informed me that Gavin has "low set ears," which just means his ears aren't sitting on his head as high as a normal child's do. This happens in people alot, but with someone like Gavin and his medical history, it prompted him to test him for DiGeorge Syndrome, which is a chromosomal abnormalty. This could very well explain most of the problems I outlined here. Dr. McCormick said he doesn't think Gavin has DiGeorge, but with all of the symptoms he has that are related, it would be in his best interest to test him for it and be sure, rather than just guessing. I agreed. So, we went to the lab and had FIVE tubes of blood drawn and went on our marry way! We return in 3 weeks, I'll keep you posted!


debi9kids said...

wow. amazing. I just looked it up and read a bit about it. Sounds like it's a good thing you now have what seems to be an aggressive doc.
Here's praying you FINALLY get some real answers.

(is it a genetic disorder?)

Christina Egner said...

I stumbled across your blog after reading some responses of yours in Blog Frog.

Interestingly enough, as I read your post.....and you finding out your child could possibly have a chromosomal abnormality it made me stop and *sigh.

Sigh because my daughter does have a chromosomal abnormality {also with low set ears} and I am always amazed out how we are amazingly & randomly brought together.

I'm sentimental like that.

So nice to meet you, my name is Christina.