Saturday, March 13, 2010


Since Gavin was born he has been seeing specialist after specialist for many different problems. It started when his doctor found an inguinal hernia and sent him to the Pediatric Surgeon for a consult. He said it was a hydrocele, not a hernia and opted to watch it. He also said that Gavin had and undescended testicle that would require surgery if it didn't descend on it's on by the time he was 6-9 months old. In October 2007 he was admitted to the hospital with a very low hemoglobin when Dr. Moore and Dr. Deyo, both hematologists, were called in. Tests were run and he was put to sleep for a bone marrow aspiration, all giving us zero answers. Later, he was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia when he "responded to treatment." No test has ever confirmed this diagnosis. He was placed on steroid treatment indefinitely. At the same time, he had a blood pressure of 250/97 (at TWO MONTHS OLD) and Dr. Hixon, a cardiologist was called in. He was put on captoril, for hypertension secondary to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. His heart was pumping extra hard trying to get oxygen to his tissues. A few months later, he was sent to and neurologist for macrocephaly (large head) and hypotonia (weak muscle tone.) He also started seeing an Occupational Therapist at this time. At 5 months old, he was put to sleep again, this time for an MRI of the brain, because of his large head. The results were perfect. There was nothing out of place. After weeks of being poked and prodded by doctors, when he was 11 months old, it was time for him to have the orchiopexy (to descend his testicle that didn't descend on it's own.) He, of course, was put to sleep again for this procedure. What Dr. Upp (pediatric sugeon) found was he has "insufficient blood flow" to that testicle, giving him a 50/50 chance to have 2 testicles. We should return soon for another evalutation. After Kami and Luke were born, things kind of calmed down for a while. We were still seeing Dr. Moore/Dr. Deyo and Dr. Hixon, but had since stopped seeing Dr. Sheyxnader (neurologist) and Dr. Upp. He was finally weaned off of steroids in March 2009 and captopril in April 2009. But, he started having stomach issues and was referred (by his pediatrician) to the pediatric gastroenterologist (Dr. Alberty.) Dr. Alberty decided he needed to have an EGD/Colonoscopy (which required sedation)and the results were Lymphonodular Hyperplasia. He was treated with Alinia and didn't have any more problems for 6 months. This time, he was treated with Flagyl, for having yeast in his stool, and it was cleared up. In January 2010, Gavin was referred to an ENT (Dr. Hall) for chronic ear infections. He was put to sleep and tubes were put in and the ear infections went away! But, a month later, were were back in Dr. Hall's office because of Gavin's large tonsils and sleeping problems. So, a tonsillectomy was scheduled, which he is still recovering from. He, of course, was put to sleep.

If you are counting, that is 6 sedations and 6 specialists in 36 months. They are convinced his "problems" aren't related. His pediatrician has searched high and low for things that could cause all of his problems, and she's found nothing. Now, we still see the hemotologists, but not as frequently, and we have to follow up with Dr. Hall (ENT) in 6 months. And on Monday, we will be adding another specialist to the long list we already have. Dr. McCormick, an allergist. For a chronic cough and runny nose.

It's so frustrating that my 2 year old child has had more procedures done in his little life than I have in my 26 years. It aggravates me that my 2 year old is now scared to go to the doctor because he thinks the "docker hurt me." It breaks my heart everytime I have to physically hold him down to give him his medicine that I KNOW he needs. I'll just be glad when it's all over and we can just go to the doctor for shots and well checks.


debi9kids said...

awwwww...poor Gavin!
Wow. I knew he had been having lots of health issues, but when you list it together like that, it's overwhelming, isn't it?
Poor buddy :(

Erin said...

WOW,Leah, that just looks like a STRESS-FEST!!!! poor Gavin... I hope the results from the allergist come out positive!